BoCA and CCB present:

a stage production by Alexandre Farto | Vhils

8 April | 9pm
Pequeno Auditório – Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon

Photo: Tiago Fonseca

Periférico” is Vhils’ first stage production, running on 7 and 8 April at the Small Auditorium of Lisbon’s CCB. Created in the scope of the new BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts, the performative stage show sees Vhils working with a multidisciplinary team of choreographers, musicians, dancers, and video directors, to develop a reflection on urban sprawl, the emergence of urban subcultures and the impact of both on Portugal’s reality between the 1980s and 2000s.

Based on his own life experience, the narrative is told through the gaze of a teenager growing up in the suburbs of Lisbon, reflecting how his life was affected and shaped by these transformations. Exploring the convergence between various artistic fields, “Periférico” establishes a synergy between the visual arts, music (contemporary and popular) and dance (classical and street), fostering a dynamic encounter between often exclusionary universes: street culture and stage culture, outsider and institutional means of creation, global culture and local culture.

Concept and direction: Alexandre Farto (Vhils)
Staging and choreography: Anaísa Lopes (Piny)
Staging and choreography assistance: Filipe Baracho
Dancers: Alberto Perdomo (Mucha), Douglas Silva (Dougie), Leonor Ramos (Leo), Lúcia Afonso, Maria Antunes, Nelson Teunis
Lighting design: Pedro Azevedo
Scenography: Alexandre Farto
Original soundtrack: Chullage, DJ Ride
Sound design: Chullage
Video: DJ Ride
Video selection: Alexandre Farto, DJ Ride
Video Mapping | United VJs: Pedro Zaz, Pushkhy, ManuHell Borges, António Afonso, Daniel Rondulha
Production: Luís Alcatrão
Support: Jazzy Dance Studios
Co-production: BOCA (Biennial of Contemporary Arts), CCB

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