Vhils Studio and MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology are proud to announce the opening of Vhils’ new solo show in Lisbon, Portugal.

Prisma is a monumental installation comprising a labyrinth-like composition of slow-motion video footage recorded in a variety of cities: Beijing, Cincinnati, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Macau, Mexico City, Paris, and Shanghai.

Mirroring the effect of an optical prism, it manipulates space, scale, and light, refracting shared experiences into different wavelengths, arousing different reactions and emotions regarding the complexity of human existence within globalised urban contexts.

Projecting footage captured before the pandemic, Prisma explores the paradigm-shifting effects of this global event, which affected us all but paradoxically left us feeling even more isolated – physically, psychologically, and emotionally – while the imperious forces of globalisation remained unchecked and left to rampant propagation.

Reflecting upon the increasing homogenisation of our societies, Prisma creates conflict between the private nature of introspection and the public dimension of communal existence, while evidencing that both these circumstances have an inescapably common genesis, thus leading to a truly unifying and collective experience.

Practical info:

– Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

MAAT — Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Exhibition dates: 30 March  – 5 September, 2022
Opening 30 March: 11am – 7pm GMT+1

Av. Brasília, Belém
1300-598 Lisbon, Portugal

Wednesday – Monday: 11 am → 7pm
Special Free Admission Day: 3 April 2022


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