Finally out! U2 X Vhils. Watchable for 24h on Nowness. Check the link below:

These 11 art films, inspired by U2’s Songs of Innocence and taking the political murals of Northern Ireland as reference, celebrate the unique democratic power of urban art. Oliver Jeffers, Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Maser, ROA, DALeast, Todd James, and Vhils were given complete creative freedom to showcase their personal response to U2’s music.

The result is an exhilarating display of diversity in approach, style and commentary. Powerful and cognizant, their works scale the globe, play with time, and weave between heightened reality and animated dreamscapes. These original works of video art transpose their visions from the physical to the digital and are collected here together as a visual counter-point to the album, a set of unique and compelling “Films of Innocence”.