a solo exhibition by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

11 September 2021 – 14 November 2021
Danysz Gallery – Shanghai

“Latency brings continuation to the new creative process I have started to apply to my work, first presented in the “Momentum” show at the Danysz Gallery in Paris last October. Guided by my ongoing exploration of the meaning of objects and their use, as well as an introspective reflection concerning the effects of recent global events, this new cycle captures different symbolic material elements of contemporary culture, encapsulating them in a latent state and allowing them to be preserved and rediscovered in the future.

We are living through a time in which our beliefs are continuously challenged and our preconceptions are incessantly called into question, and the fossilization of these fragmented objects is intended to provoke a process of reflection connected to the challenges and transitions we are enduring, and how they have brought the inadequacies of our accepted systems to the surface. They open new paths and propose alternative solutions to the problems we face on a global scale – appealing to the structures that control our destinies to reshape old and obsolete models of governance and development; to relinquish their thirst for power and wealth and embrace their true responsibility: creating a new direction for humanity and propelling real change towards a sustainable and fair future for all.

Exploring the underlying causes and subsequent effects of the exacerbated fast-pace at which our societies have become accustomed to function has been a part of my work for the past few years, and this new form of crystallizing objects is my way of capturing fragments of everyday life, solidifying them as food for thought and interpretation. In a sense, this work is my attempt to suspend time – to create space for a critical deconstruction of our reality, allowing us to truly see and understand our surroundings.

Even as we seem to be emerging from the pandemic, we cannot ignore that our world has gone through a suspended state, and we need to question what this experience has meant for us. What will be the repercussions? This is a moment of tremendous importance, and these objects-turned-fossils are reflections of its meaning. How will future generations understand this experience and how we responded to the challenges of our time?

These questions have led me to create new work that, although using some of the same media I have explored in the past, is now the object of a new approach. Delving into ideas about light, individual interpretation, abstraction, the suspension of time and the importance of what lies beneath, they continue to draw attention to the increasingly urgent themes of sustainability and the abuse of our planet’s precious resources.

The pieces presented here take over the austere white space, filling it with two and three-dimensional objects forged from acrylic, resin and paper, dispersed and seemingly suspended in order to create an effect of floating in space. Through an intricate use of depth, transparency and refraction, the aim is to play with the viewer’s perception as they freely walk through the gallery, with each piece changing depending on the angle at which the light hits it.

Some are based on ideas about identity and influence, while others underline key words connected to fundamental problems and the intricate complexities of our consumer-driven societies. The line that runs through this entire body of work mirrors the name of the exhibition: an idea of preservation, fossilization and an underlying latency, as if the revelations these objects will one day offer are already slowly making themselves known.”

Alexandre Farto

Location: Danysz Gallery | 256 Beijing East Road x Jiangxi Road, Shanghai, China
Web: www.danyszgallery.com