“Leonardo” is the name of this old fishing vessel that braved the heavy Atlantic seas for over 50 years. Saved by Vhils from the scrap yard, it was recovered and worked as the artist’s contribution to this year’s edition of the Walk & Talk public art festival held on São Miguel island in the archipelago of the Azores. The 12 metre-long vessel was worked by Vhils and his team at Rabo de Peixe, the port town where he carved the portraits of some of its inhabitants back in 2013, including that of Senhor Bonança (one of the community’s oldest members), who was once again portrayed here. The boat was given a new makeshift cabin, composed of an assortment of carved compositions made from old doors, while its hull was given a makeover with geometric and graphic patterns. As a tribute to the fishing community, the vessel will remain in exhibition in the town’s port until a new location is decided.