Project for the new headquarters of GS1 Portugal | Center for Innovation and Competitivenes in Lisbon

After two long years of hard work, this innovative and iconic project was finally inaugurated. The commission was part the broader renovation works that saw the building that houses the headquarters of GS1 Portugal and the Centre for Innovation and Competitiveness, in Lisbon, Portugal, completely redesigned by architect Pedro Appleton and his practice, Promontório Architects. Consisting of a large-scale, high-relief composition applied to 49 pre-moulded concrete panels that were fixed to the building on three sides, the integration of Vhils’ work in the building was devised together with the architect and the technicians responsible for the renovation works, and can thus be seen as a dialogue between architecture and art.

Comprising various references that speak of GS1’s field of operations, the composition was designed to interact with the sun, creating different nuances according to the time of day, the light and the season. Like the redesigned state-of-the-art building itself, Vhils’ work also offers two different readings, depending from where the viewer looks at it.

Project partners: GS1 Portugal, Promontório Arquitectos, Mota Engil, Lindo Serviço, Tétris, Vhils Studio.

Photos by the great Fernando Guerra (FG+SG – Architectural Photography).