Olhar” (gaze)

Presented at the head office of Portuguese newspaper “Público”, this original piece was conceived to mark its 25 years of activity (1990-2015). Constituted by 25 superimposed acrylic sheets that form a composition with an eye in its centre, the piece offers a reflection on reality and the most salient current events of the last 25 years based on a selection of clippings from 25 of the daily’s most significant front pages.

Weighing over two tonnes, the two-metre-high piece features thousands of tiny newsprint cut-outs arranged in superimposed layers, creating a magical three-dimensional composition. According to Vhils, the selection process, carried out together with Bárbara Reis, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, aimed at highlighting “dates which, in some way, changed the world and others that revealed PÚBLICO’s more interventionist role in shaping the way people see the country.”