Ephemera, the new Vhils monograph released by Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation on the occasion of the artist’s recent solo exhibition curated by the institution in Hong Kong, is now available for purchase online.

Focusing chiefly on Vhils’ more recent indoor and outdoor productions, “Ephemera” also delivers little-known older works and some of the artist’s all-time classics.

The new monograph features an innovative curatorial approach to Vhils’ oeuvre based on the concept of city, arranging works into eight different sections, each expressing a definition that reflects some of the essence of the contemporary urban environment.

Written and co-curated by Miguel Moore (author and Head of Editorial Content at Vhils Studio), designed and co-curated by Diogo Potes (graphic designer at Solid Dogma) and produced by Portugal-based creative unit SOLID DOGMA, “Ephemera” is both an in-depth journey into Vhils’ explosive and groundbreaking artistic practice and a design piece in its own right, a tactile object featuring textures, volumetric physical elements, different papers and materials.

The 326-page monograph is now available from HOCA’s online shop HERE.