Nowness presents “DEBRIS“, a film by Vhils & José Pando Lucas

Nowness has just released “Debris”, a cinematographic complement to Vhils’ eponymous solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

According to Vhils:
“The idea for this project with José Pando Lucas was to create a film piece that would express an immersive experience of the city of Hong Kong while reflecting the contents explored and presented at the exhibition. In this sense it’s almost like a book that reveals, in a poetic way, both the surrounding context and the very contents that resulted from my residency in the city. It speaks of trying to stop time, to pause in order to create a reflection on this city known for its dizzying pace, to help make visible that which is invisible. The shooting itself helped me to go deeper into the subject matter I was exploring: the city and its inhabitants. In this sense, it contributed towards helping me explore these from a different angle and with greater depth, complementing and adding to the ideas and perception I already had of Hong Kong.”

According to José Pando Lucas:
“From the moment when Vhils invited me to make a film around his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, we both agreed that we wanted to give it a dimension and depth that would go beyond a mere ‘making of’ about the show. We wanted this film to be able to stand alone and breathe independently as an artwork in its own right.

We aimed to create an ode to the specific poetry of Hong Kong and the people who inhabit it. The world of today is moving faster than ever, and we hardly ever take pause to feel, embrace or acknowledge what’s around us. We might even say that, once you establish this connection, even if only for a second, you feel like you’re truly living.”

Concept & Artwork: Vhils
Directed by: José Pando Lucas | Vhils
Production: HOCA Foundation
Executive Production: Solid Dogma
Written by: José Pando Lucas
Cinematography: José Pando Lucas
Phantom Flex Cinematography: Vasco Viana | Vhils
Editing: José Pando Lucas
Sound: Chullage | José Pando Lucas
Music: Dead Combo
Voice Over: Yung Sin Ting
VXF: Márcio “The Bonus” Pité
Additional Footage: André Santos